Rebranded is not a fashion label. It is a fusion of art and design, inspired by the remix culture that captures the spirit of our age. It’s a celebration of the richness of Mexican culture mixed with a pinch of Mexican humour, reimagining global fashion icons through a distinctly Mexican lens. 


On a trip to the Mexican desert of San Luis Potosí many years ago, I came across a magical spectacle. Out of nowhere appeared a member of a Huichol community wearing a white suit and covered in the most colourful beaded necklaces, a knitted belt and bag, and straw hat. He was also wearing a pair of white Reebok trainers. He stopped in the middle of a field of desert-thorns and rocks, pulled out a wand with feathers and performed a ritual dance for the spring Equinox. There was no one else present, only us and him. I don’t know if he saw or heard us, as he was playing music through a huge Sony boombox. This was long before the advent of smartphones, so I was unable to record it, but it is something I have never forgotten. The juxtaposition of different cultures—the mystic art ceremony performed by the Huichol man, sharply contrasting with the white American sports sneakers and portable Japanese stereo. 

Fast forward to today and I am still curious about how one culture adopts another. For instance, luxury brands and their campaigns, and how they are received or reinterpreted in different parts of the world. How one person’s perception of an image can be entirely different from someone else’s depending on where they were born; how foreign phrases can be adopted and adapted and become part of the local lexicon—is it possible to find shared meanings in cultural difference?

When I see the name of a brand I cannot help but to try and “tropicalise” it, find its Mexican name, something that phonetically sounds the same or very close. This is how I came up with the series “Entre modas y modismos”, by remixing the roughness of Mexican street slang with the sophistication of fashions most iconic names. 

One day I made a T-shirt that I ended up giving as a gift to a Mexican stylist friend who lives in LA. The Mexican designer Gladys Tamez used my garment in one of her campaigns, tagged me on Instagram, and the rest is history. 

Naomi Palovits

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